Sunday, February 27, 2011

WHAT have we DONE!?

Yesterday morning as I was washing my 1000th bottle and James was doing spit-up Logan laundry, I looked at James and asked, "so is our life over?  Is this it?" to which he answered, "yes -- it appears that way."  Then I wondered out loud if maybe the hospital wouldn't notice if we put little Logan Bear back in the hospital baby nursery.  I can just hear one of the nurses saying now: "where did this BIG BABY that is wearing these normal, cute clothes come from?!" as James and I sprint towards the fire escape, not looking back.

Oh, I kid.  OR DO I?!

I can't believe that on Tuesday he'll be one month old!  We are getting into more of a routine, I guess... at least a routine of him waking me up every couple of hours each night, and not letting me nap during the day.  It's pretty funny really, and I'm convinced he has a hidden camera show with all of his baby friends showing what they put their parents through each day (and night).  In the show's premiere you'll hear me in the background whispering, "no no no no please God no please stay asleep" right before he cries, thus sending me flying out of bed cursing, 8-10times each night.  I'm not even sure why I bother going through the going-to-bed motions anymore.

During the day I'll take lots of time rocking and getting him to sleep after he eats, put him down in his little bassinet, then take a few minutes to get nice and cozy on the couch for a potential afternoon nap.  I'll close my eyes and think, "I am so napping while he naps.  I can do this."  Count to 10, then Logan Bear starts going "waah!  waaah!"  It.never.fails. 

Here are some pics of the little guy... and despite what I say, he is my most favorite house guest ever... EXCEPT MAYBE FOR MIMI, WHO ARRIVES BACK ON TUESDAY TO HELP AGAIN!!  There is a God!

woot woot! 
He is so cuddly.  We lay like this for hours and he gets all sweaty.
In fact, now Logan Bear really hates being put down.
I am creating a monster.

stop it right now I could look at this picture for hours.

Our first real outing today!  Life resumes.
I had 1.5 margaritas then had to sleep it off when I got home.

Logan's favorite new activity...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Boss

Well I've sure left you hanging for a while!  Just a very quick check-in to let you know that I will probably resume regular blogging in 2038. 


Logan Bear (aka The Boss) is keeping me/us very busy with his poopy diapers, spit ups every 5 seconds and refusal to sleep longer than 2 hours at a time.  But, we're still keeping him... SINCE HE'S THE CUTEST LITTLE THING ON THIS EARTH!  I always used to wonder what people with babies DO all day...  And now I know.  But I'm too tired to report what it actually is. 

I have started to resume semi-normal activites (like showering), so maybe there is hope for Austin Ali in the near future.  But for the next week or so, Austin Ali will continue to roam her house in spit-up laden pjs, moaning about how tired she is and occasionally crying for no reason (which is a step up from the Constant Crying For No Reason).  I also need to write a thousand thank you notes, and download about 400 pictures of The Cutest Baby on Earth.  And get that dirty diaper contest going.........

More later!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

FOUND - world's most perfect baby


I look hammered in this picture, and that's thanks to Percocet (my new bff)

Third day at home and life is good.  Logan is awesome!  We are  Now is the turning point of Austin Ali -- where I just become a sap.  First evidence:  when I look at him, I cry.  Like each time I look at him... and seeing as though I am constantly looking at him, all I do is cry.  For real.  He is  He is just so lovey and cuddly and makes all these little squeaky sounds and does all of these cute little stretches and yawns.  Then he cries and Willis changes his diaper then he's all cuddly again. 

And thank goodness for Mimi and Pops.

I don't sleep a wink at night.  Not because he is awake and won't let me (well, he IS awake a lot), but because I just stare at him in his little moses basket making sure he is still breathing.  So I'll catch an hour or so here and there.  This morning I slept for a 3 hour stretch which is an all time record since Logan Bear's arrival.  But I don't care.

makes me weeeeeeep

Won't go into graphic detail on his arrival, but I will say that it was all worth it because his cuteness makes up for it. 

Off to steal Logan away from Mimi for some playtime....